Legends of Yore


The land of Yore is a dangerous place with many monsters and evil creatures. Your hero must defend himself at all times - and sometimes attack for the good of the people. Depending on the class of character and the weapon equipped there are several forms of combat that may occur.

Most weapons and spells can be used by all classes, however using a weapon that was not designed for your class can come with a penalty to combat. Experiment to find the best combination of items for your hero.

Melee Combat

Melee, or close combat, is where a hero is next to opponent and fights hand to hand. The warrior is an expert in this form of combat but all classes will experience it. Note that ranged weapons and spells can't be used in close combat.

In melee combat the attack of the hero is compared with the defense of the monster. A damage value is calculated and applied against the monster. Note that items equipped can drastically change the outcome of combat as can spells and other effects.

If you attempt to melee combat without a weapon you will surely lose. Always try to equip a weapon of some sort into your hands.

Ranged Combat

Ranged combat consists of firing a ranged weapon at a foe. The projectile hits the target and the damage is calculated. The archer is designed to fight this way, however both wizards and warriors can attempt it to. Ranged weapons can only be used at range, in close quarters they are not available to the damage calculation.

Magic Combat

Magic combat consists of casting spells at a foe. The magic will be shown and the damage calculated. Most offensive spells are ranged and hence can not be used in close quarters. The wizard is intended to use spells however any character with charge enough to cast can use them. Magic damage gets a multiplier for hitting evil, however there is always a possibility that the spell will fail completely!

Other Combat

While the basic forms of combat are the most used there are a few others that exist in Yore as described below.


Traps can be placed in the path of monsters. When sprung the monster is kept in place for a short while, in this time the hero can hail arrows down upon them. Note that monsters are not stopped forever, just a short time.


With enough money your hero can buy powder kegs. When set the keg will explode a few turns later damaging all that surrounds them - be it walls or monsters.