Legends of Yore


The land of Yore is in turmoil. Many of the towns have tasks that need completing by a young hero. This is your chance to make a name for yourself, get some great items and some additional experience.

Starting a Quest

Every town has a leader. Talking to the leader gives you the chance to ask about any quests they may have need of. If the leader has a task for your hero he will explain it and ask you to accept it. Accepting the quest will starting your hero on the road to the adventure.

Quests can be anything, but generally require you to kill certain creatures or retrieve certain items.

Viewing Quest Progress

Bringing up the statistics page (heart button) shows a "Quests" button in the bottom right hand corner. Tapping this will bring a up a quest progress screen which shows what you have to do and for who.

Completing a Quest

To complete a quest return to the town leader from which the quests was gained once the task is completed. He will confirm the quest is completed and provide you with the reward.

Giving Up

If you can't solve a quest or just choose not to continue you can always give up. To given up a quest view the quest progress screen and hit give up. You will be asked to confirm and then your hero will be released from the quest.